What is Words to Change the World?

A Youth Exchange promoted by the italian non profit association Componibile62 with 5 partners from Greece, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic.

The protagonists:
30 young participants aged 18-26, 5 from each country (Italy, Greece, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic), at least 1 people with feweer opportunities from each country.

WCW is held in Naples – south of Italy – an historically multicultural city, meeting place of different civilizations.
However contemporaneity is characterized by divergent forces and multiform realities that will stimulate the participants.


Activities & Methodologies

WCW aims to provide young people with tools of critical analysis and to help them to interpret the world in a personal way and to promote processes of positive change.
“Power of words ” will be analyzed starting from the issue of immigration and integration and media manipulation.

The theme is dealt with interactive thematic sessions, creative and dynamic activities, public meetings and games that will test critical, analytical and creative skills.


Each national group organised a pre-arrival session in which they collected at least one story about migration/immigrants in their local community to present during the project
Each national group prepared an intercultural presentation of their country and its culture for the intercultural evenings


 Objectives of the project:

  • Increase the critical spirit and the interpretation ability

  • Discover similarities and differences at the individual and collective level

  • Increase creativity and language skills through intercultural dialogue

  • Create a campaign shared by 30 participants and share it through web tools

  • Increase the autonomy, independence and the ability to act in an international context