Association of Active Youths of Florina – Greece

Association of Active Youths of Florina  is a Non profit – Non governmental organization with local and International activity. The aim of our organization is to empower citizens to be active in their local community and to participate in a wide range of activities such a voluntarism and democratic actions. The organization includes the fight against inequality and racism and the promotion  of tolerance in our common European society. The organization has taken part several times in projects that belong in the Youth in Action program and Erasmus+.

Asociatia de Tineret ONESTIN – Romania

During the time we discovered that in our society a lot of people (especially young people) are discriminated, are not involved in a lot of activities and are not treaten as equals. Seeing that in our NGO there are a lot of attitudes and feelings toward different kind of people (people with different sexual orientations, from different families, with different financial situations and the list can go on), we decided to organise activities that can combate this, so we signed a partnership with a reeducation school close to our city (The Reeducation School from Tg-Ocna). Here, our volunteers go twice a month and make workshops, games and discuss with youngsters from different backgrounds, with different sexual orientations and concepts of life. We find this activity very beneficial as both our volunteers and youngsters from the reeducation school learn something. Our volunteers learn to tolerate  people discriminated by contemporary society, learn new stories from life, learn how lucky they are that they have a family and go to a good school and the youngsters from the reeducation center learn that they can have equal changes when they come back in the society, discover how important is to finish their studies and to continue with the personal and professional development.

Udruga za kreativni i odrzivi razvoj KOR – Croatia

Association for creative and sustainable KOR exists from 2012. Our aims are youth empowerment in order to facilitate their employability, promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ways of thinking, sustainable development of our close and wider environment.
We are trying to become a major player in creating positive social change by promoting social entrepreneurship and sustainable development at local, regional and European level. We are creating a society of active citizenship and enterprising youth who are struggling against unemployment by volunteering, learning and developing various social and professional skills. Association for Creative and Sustainable Development KOR promotes the following activities:
-active citizenship,
-responsible corporate behavior,
-development of social entrepreneurial ventures,
-the progress of society based on guidelines for sustainable development,
-continuous personal development,
-mobility of young and old through various European programs,
-democratic participation of young people in local community life.
Our target group are young people in Vinkovci and Vukovar-syrmia county. We organize different activities in local and regional level. Currently we are implementing regional project financed by Ministry of social affairs and youth, Social Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship for young people, where young people are learning how to write business plan and start their own social enterprise. We are also implementing different Erasmus+ projects, youth exchanges and training. January 2015 we started with implementation of youth exchange “Rule the world and become an Entrepreneur: volum 2”. We are organizing workshops in high schools and different events events such as Christmas clothes swap and happy Saint Nikola day where we shared brich to the young people in Vinkovci. With this activities and events we promoted voluntarism and active young participation. In 2015 we started with a Book club and Cultural Duck which will is held once per month.7

Valencia Com Cal – Spain

Valencia Com Cal is a non profit organization which promotes and disseminates art, culture and an independent political thinking.
The main activities are disseminated through the website www This virtual space is used as a promotion of arts, culture, journalism, political thinking and youth information. All of them are mixed in a creative and active way for forming a community between the members.