In this section we want to introduce the protagonists of Visual HeArts Express project.

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The main strenght of Visual heArts Express project were the activities. So let's deeply explore what participants have been working on for 1 intense week.

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The project

Visual HeArts Express is a Youth Exchange aimed to explore expressiveness through arts

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Project diary!


Day 1 – DIARY Luggage done, flight ticket printed, passport ready. Then bus, airport, blu sky, heavy clouds, clear skyline. NAPLES! The project has just started, 5 groups from Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania and Poland all together for the Visual heArts Express project. After the check in all participants start getting involved into the place that […]


SELF INTERACTION Today’s activity is opened by the inspiring Charlie Chaplin’s speech about the need to be real HUMANS rather than machines, to guide our lives towards love and generosity rather than greed and hate. After this inspirational message participants are invited to write down 3 strong MEMORIES from the PAST: first kiss, and 9/11 […]


INTERACTION WITH NATURE’S ELEMENTS The day started with a task in the close woods where participants are assigned with a few tasks related with nature: hug a tree, clean some part of the forest, find 5 different type of flowers and birds, ecc. Afterwards all participants use natural colors (extract from leaves, spices) to paint […]


INTERACTION WITH ANOTHER Today participants work in couple! One blind and one mute have to make a drawing. The one who acts as blind is not going to see the picture he/she is drawing, the other one who acts as mute can’t speak to explain how he/she wants the drawing to be done, but can just […]


INTERACTION WITH OTHERS In the morning participants go to NAPLES city centre to interact with LOCAL PEOPLE. Some tasks are given. They have to take a photo of a street artwork, write an interview with a person who works in a bar about art in Naples, find a foreign and take a video interview on […]


INTERACTION WITH THE SPACE Today’s protagonist is the SPACE. What is the space for the group? Does the group feel different after the trip to Naples? Does the group experience the residence Castagno in a different ways after yesterday break? Is the space all about individuals or does the perception of space include just ourselves? […]


Today it’s time to talk a little bit more deeper about Erasmus+ programme and Youth Pass Certificate! Participantes are asked to think about their improvement and self assess their competencies. After seven days of activities many ideas come on mind and each national group propose to realize a youth exchange with their association! We hope […]

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