Interaction with others

Interaction with others

In the morning participants go to NAPLES city centre to interact with LOCAL PEOPLE. Some tasks are given. They have to take a photo of a street artwork, write an interview with a person who works in a bar about art in Naples, find a foreign and take a video interview on what he/she feels about the city and finally bodypaint involving a child, an old person and an adult.

The group is surprised by the attitude of Napolitans to get easily involved in the task and actively participate. All tasks are accomplished in a quite short time.

The rest of the day they can explore the city of Naples and its surroundings. In their free time they go to the historic centre, and enjoy other panoramic spots. They also  experienced pizza and coffee and have a lot of fun together. Some of them went to Pompeii excavations for a jump in the history.



Interaction with another

Interaction with another

Today participants work in couple! One blind and one mute have to make a drawing. The one who acts as blind is not going to see the picture he/she is drawing, the other one who acts as mute can’t speak to explain how he/she wants the drawing to be done, but can just move the other’s hands to direct. A very clever exercise which let them think about ways of expression.

In the afternoon the focus is PHOTOGRAPHY. Participants are split in groups of just 2 people and have to create 5 photo albums catching 5 different emotions. One of the photo should be titled “Real world better than virtual world”.

Lot of fun when results are showed in the final session. Some picture are intense and emotional, some others absolutely funny and hilarious.




The day started with a task in the close woods where participants are assigned with a few tasks related with nature: hug a tree, clean some part of the forest, find 5 different type of flowers and birds, ecc.

Afterwards all participants use natural colors (extract from leaves, spices) to paint and also bodypaint. All materials found during the morning activities are also implemented in the afternoon activites when all group members are requested to use them in an artistic ways. Again results are very creative and remarkable.




Today’s activity is opened by the inspiring Charlie Chaplin’s speech about the need to be real HUMANS rather than machines, to guide our lives towards love and generosity rather than greed and hate. After this inspirational message participants are invited to write down 3 strong MEMORIES from the PAST: first kiss, and 9/11 WT center attack, first negative failure in school.


Participants can share their own emotions and opinion in front of the group.

Afterwards, a number of quotes about emotions are stick on the wall arounf the meeting room. Participants have to express their opinion about them trying to engage a fruitful debate. This activity is closed by giving them some candies (so much appreciated!).

After the lunch break a very funny activity takes place. Starting point is the consideration that we all need to portray our selves in the best way possible, trying to highlight our strenghtnesses and hiding our weaknesses. In a way our approach is similar to a shop, that is why participants are asked to create their own ideal shops. Results are very very creative. Someone sells stories, someone sells food but for free, someone else sells books, ecc.

Afternoon task is focused on the link between FUTURE and PAST. Participants are requested to write a letter to them 10 years ago. Results are very emotional and all feel very free to open in front of the group.




Day 1 – DIARY

Luggage done, flight ticket printed, passport ready. Then bus, airport, blu sky, heavy clouds, clear skyline. NAPLES!

The project has just started, 5 groups from Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania and Poland all together for the Visual heArts Express project. After the check in all participants start getting involved into the place that will host them for one week, going around explaining the rules and showing the whole space.

Then it is time to memorize NAMES. Every participant is invited to share an anecdote about his/her name in order to get it more memorable for the others.

Introduction of the program and presentation of the day take place through the DRAWING OF THE WEEK. Main tasks of each day are showed on a flip chart.

First activity is called MISSION IS POSSIBLE. All participants are given a task that could be very simple of quite complex. This will show us that impossible is nothing and we can believe in each one commitment to fulfill activities here, and in our own life.


Introduction in Visual heArts express

Introduction in Visual heArts express