Here you are some artwork we did:

Here you have some selected artwork from the exhibition of the recidency project Napoli@Beograd, for full project/information visit

Artworks of Vincenzo Pagliuca

Artworks of Antonio Ambrosino

Artworks of Paolo Bini

Artworks of Fulvio Ambrosio:

Artworks of Rosario Annunziata:

Artworks of Anna Maria Saviano:

Artworks of Maddalena Zampitelli:

Artworks of Giovanna D’Ambrosio (post-production Vincenzo Pagliuca)

Other artworks:

Disembedded / Artwork & Making of @ Civitella di Chieti

Panni Stesi / Exhibition in Milano

Pre-installation artwork for Interchange Exhibition – Liverpool Uk

> Interchange – installation shots

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