COMPONIBILE62 is a non profit cultural association
registered at Agenzia delle Entrate in Naples, on the 08/01/08.

The name is driven from Julio Cortazar’s book, which is made up of 62 folders.
Each of these folders represents a singular semantic element in interdependent relationship with each other.
The book specificity is that whatever position folders take, they always make sense.
In the same way, the association works in constant and fruitful cooperation with all parts and components.

Mission & Vision

COMPONIBILE62 aims to promote, produce and participate in art, visual communication, and the organisation of cultural events, with special attention on educational, planning and productive aspects, using an international and trans-national perspective. COMPONIBILE62 is moving towards national and trans-national environment promoting multicultural cooperation. Our common view prompts us to work FROM, FOR and IN Naples, like “antennas” can pick up signals from outside, and build a dynamic partners’ network.
Artistic, design, scientific and journalistic skills of members, alongside their “geographical dispersion”, are propulsive forces for the variety, differentiation and realisation of projects.


email: network@componibile62.org
Newsgroup: componibile62@googlegroups.com

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