Selezione partecipanti per scambio giovanile in Olanda 29/09 al 08/10 2017

Componibile62 seleziona 10 giovani partecipanti al progetto di Scambio Giovanile “Youth for Project Management” che si terrà dal 29 settembre all’8 ottobre 2017 in Olanda nella città dell’Aia e vedrà partecipare 40 giovani europei provenienti da Italia, Olanda, Cipro e Germania.
Lo scambio giovanile internazionale è promosso dal partner olandese “Youth for Mobility” ed è organizzato nell’ambito del programma europeo Erasmus+ ed è sostenuto dall’Agenzia olandese per la gioventù.

Il progetto mira ad esplorare le capacità in project management dei giovani partecipanti al fine di fornire delle basi per poter vivere più attivamente le proprie comunità di appartenenza.

Selezioniamo 10 partecipanti, membri dell’associazione (anche neo-iscritti): 8 giovani tra i 16 e i 25 anni e due group leader maggiorenni e under 33. Per partecipare al progetto chiediamo  una motivazione forte a partecipare ed essere coinvolti nei temi del progetto, la disponibilità per l’intera durata dello scambio giovanile. 

Per iscriverti alla selezione compila il form online al link sottostante o alla fine della pagina:

I temi del progetto

With our project, we want to create a safe environment for young people to explore and master their project management skills to form a base for further active engagement in their communities. This overall aim will be supported by the development of skills and competencies and improvement of basic knowledge on project management during the whole exchange. During the Youth Exchange, young people will learn to make their ideas happen, to implement their own initiatives. It will be learning by doing. The participants will implement their initiatives of their own choice during the youth exchange. Also, the participants will learn about human rights, European values and democracy, as there will be discussions with stakeholders and various debates on many issues which are important nowadays. Also, the project is a perfect place to make new friends, explore new cultures and learn from each other.

Why participate?

– To exchange cultures with other young people from Germany, The Netherlands, Cyprus and Italy
– To experience intercultural environment and improve communication skills
– To learn more about management of youth projects and gain knowledge necessary to initiate your own project
Develop confidence and leadership skills as well as learn how to work in a team in order to implement an initiative

Project Objectives:

– Increase the ability to project management;
– Develop the sense of critical assessment of initiatives young people organise, as well as learning from failures and challenges;
– Increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship throughout the whole activity;
– Increase the sense of initiative and active European citizenship;
– Develop understanding and appreciation of human rights and European values and cultures through sharing and exchange, debates and discussions;

CIBO E ALLOGGIO saranno coperti e garantiti dall’associazione olandese che organizza il progetto.

The food is properly arranged. There will be a cold and warm breakfast, hot meal, dinner and there are two coffee breaks a day. Our organisation promotes a healthy lifestyle, which is why we are going to cook vegetarian. In case you have special preferences or needs, make sure to let us know. Here you may access recipes which we plan to cook. Let us know in case you have any allergies or concerns.


Participants shall book their trip on their own. We would recommend choosing sustainable ways of transportation. In case there are any needs for assistance, let us know. As soon as you have your journey planned, inform us, so that we know the time when to meet you. We expect all groups to travel to the project together with their group leaders.

I costi di viaggio saranno rimborsati dopo il progetto al 100% fino a 275 euro.





Per iscriverti alla selezione compila il form online


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